Coliving Spain 2024

Coliving Spain 2024 is the third edition of The Coliving Spain Project organized by Travel & Tapas.

Def: The Coliving Spain Project is our first independent project under which Travel & Tapas explores and collaborates with different coliving places in Spain.

Project Goals

  • To showcase the diversity of coliving spaces in Spain;
  • To support the early coliving movement, as well as new and growing colivings;
  • To show the value of real colivings and coliving communities
  • To help educate on the vision and values
  • To distinguish coliving as a unique concept

Road so far

In the first two years of the project, we had the opportunity to visit 9 coliving places. To catch up and explore the places we experienced, check out the links below:

3rd Edition of The Coliving Spain Project

This year, we are starting the Winter Initiative.

Do you have a coliving and think you’d be a good fit for our project? Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Winter Initiative – Coliving Spain 2024

This will be the fourth initiative of The Coliving Spain Project and the first one of the Third Edition – Coliving Spain 2024.

  • Initiative duration: ???
  • Visited colivings: 2
  • Colivers meet: 35+

10. Sun and Co. – Javea, Costa Blanca

One of the pioneers in the coliving landscape, both Spain and Europe.

In the early days of coliving in Spain, Sun and Co. navigated uncharted waters. Way back in 2015, when the digital nomad lifestyle was still a new concept, they played a pivotal role in defining and educating people about coliving.

Located in Javea, a charming coastal town nestled in the heart of the Costa Blanca, which provides an attractive mix of cultural diversity, scenic beauty, and a work-life balance for newcomers and remote workers.

Over the past nine years, they’ve welcomed over 800 digital nomads and remote workers from 50 different countries.

Staying at Sun and Co. offers a vibrant community experience with daily social and professional activities, fostering lasting connections.

11. Cactus Coliving (La Gomera) – San Sebastian, La Gomera

This is the second location for Cactus Coliving and the first permanent coliving space on La Gomera island opened in January 2024.

Having hosted over 500 people at their original space in Tenerife South, Cactus has now established a new coliving space on La Gomera.

Conveniently located in the capital and main port less than a 1-hour ferry ride from Tenerife South.

Once again, Cactus has created the perfect environment for digital nomads, remote workers, and slow travelers who are looking to explore and enjoy the island of La Gomera.