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What’s our background?

Marko - Travel and Tapas

Marko, Founder

I’ve always known that I wasn’t a “9 to 5 job” working type. Or at least, a guy that is comfortable in a routine and static job. I like to be challenged, and honestly, nobody has yet challenged me the way I challenge myself.

Since 2013, I have been building my side hustles into my career. I worked as a private math and programming teacher and tutor, then as a web developer for many years, and finally, made a career switch and jumped into the world of digital marketing, where I have been working for the past five years.

I started as an SEO consultant because that was something I had a strong base knowledge of, especially when it comes to the technical part of it. I used my knowledge as a founding base to build up the remaining aspects of SEO and turn my knowledge into expertise.

Even though SEO will always remain my passion, through the years I expanded my expertise to the whole digital. One of the main reasons for this was Travel & Tapas, where I needed to handle multiple tasks, especially during the early stage.

After many years of helping other people accomplish their goals, I can proudly say that at the beginning of 2021, I finally took a leap into the unknown and began realizing my own ideas, where Travel & Tapas is just the first of many.

For me, living in Spain was life-changing, and now those memories are a motivation for every step I am taking next.

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Gala - Travel and Tapas

Gala, Co-Founder & Author

I was always a writer, but a content creator – I became only in 2017.

For me, this was almost a completely different experience. Creating content meant being more realistic, more goal-oriented, and for story-telling – it meant giving value more directly and being more straightforward.

The reason I love having a blog, a website of my own, is that I can combine these two parts of myself. I can share my thoughts layered in descriptions and sentences and leave it up to the reader to extract their experience from it but I can also give valuable information and help our visitors directly.

I’ve never been very fond of labels, maybe because I’m still trying to explore myself, maybe because I will never stop exploring myself – but – besides being a writer, I can tell you a few more things about myself.

I have an honors degree in pedagogy, and I’m working my way towards a master’s degree. Education is one of my dearest passions that I’m pursuing through different aspects of my life. I’m always trying to find new ways to incorporate it into my life – like having an Instagram page about education or doing volunteering and visiting seminars, and a special one is a passion for workshop creation.

I worked as a freelancer for about 4 years – writing, creating content, and working as a social media ads specialist; then 2021, I changed jobs to experience a classical 9-5. I know what you’re thinking – it is always the other way around – but I’m actually very proud of the experience this job gave me. For me, it’s always about exploration and receiving knowledge through the most different channels.

Don’t worry, though – I’ve never stopped writing and blogging. What you love is not something you can easily forget, so I’m here to stay and deliver stories.