Coliving Spain 2023

Coliving Spain 2023 is the second edition of The Coliving Spain Project organized by Travel & Tapas.

The Coliving Spain Project is our first independent project under which Travel & Tapas explores and collaborates with different coliving places in Spain. The goals of the project are:

  • To showcase the diversity of coliving spaces in Spain;
  • To support the early coliving movement, as well as new and growing colivings;
  • To show the value of real colivings and coliving communities
  • To help educate on the vision and values
  • To distinguish coliving as a unique concept

Last year we had the opportunity to visit 7 coliving places during two initiatives we organized as a part of the Coliving Spain 2022 edition.

This year, we will continue at a slower, more in-depth pace. Currently, we are finishing the first initiative of this edition, the Spring initiative 2023.

Do you have a coliving and think you’d be a good fit for our project? Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Spring Initiative – Coliving Spain 2023

This is the third initiative of The Coliving Spain Project and the first one of the Second Edition – Coliving Spain 2023.

For 2.5 months this spring, from April to June, Travel & Tapas visited 2 new coliving places in Madrid and Las Palmas.

  • Initiative duration: 2.5 months
  • Visited colivings: 2
  • Colivers meet: 25+

8. Coliving Madrid – Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid

Coliving Madrid is a space on the outskirts of the Spanish capital which has the potential of becoming the first community-focused space in the area.

Operated by an experienced coliver, Coliving Madrid will offer an international and culturally-diverse community and a place perfect for digital nomads and remote workers.

As an operator, Lu wants to create a place where real connections will grow through food, nature escapes, and living a peaceful life together right next to the busiest city in Spain. Come join his community and leave your stamp!

9. Eco Isleta Coliving – Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Eco Isleta is a coliving and an local eco shop in Las Palmas that helps its beloved neighborhood La Isleta, flourish, thrive, and get the attention and support it deserves.

Located 5 minutes waking from the most popular digital nomad spot, Las Canteras Beach, Eco Isleta is perfect for those who want to meet people and build a community.

Staying in Eco Isleta will help you form true friendships, try local food and learn how to make it, have the opportunity to contribute to the area, and participate in weekly events with digital nomads and remote workers from all around the world.