Coliving Spain 2022

Coliving Spain 2022 was the first edition of The Coliving Spain Project organized by Travel & Tapas.

The Coliving Spain Project is our first independent project under which Travel & Tapas explores and collaborates with different coliving places in Spain. The goals of the project are:

  • To showcase the diversity of coliving spaces in Spain;
  • To support the early coliving movement, as well as new and growing colivings;
  • To show the value of real colivings and coliving communities
  • To help educate on the vision and values
  • To distinguish coliving as a unique concept

Spring Initiative 2022

This was the first initiative of the Coliving Spain 2022 edition and, in general, the first initiative of the Coliving Spain Project. For 3 months, from March to June, Travel & Tapas visited 5 different coliving places all the way from Galicia to the remote island of La Gomera.

  • Project duration: 3 months
  • Places visited: 5
  • Colivers meet: 70+

1. Awid Aman – La Gomera, Canary Islands

Awid Aman is a pop-up coliving experience and a sustainable community. At the time of our project, the experience was set on the remote island of La Gomera, which belongs to the Canary Islands archipelago. Before that, it was in La Palma.

What makes Awid Aman unique is that at the center of its concept are sustainability and collaborative governance – a unique way of organizing and managing a community.

Although very fond of La Palma island, Awid Aman often changes location, so be sure to check their website or Instagram to see where the next experience will be.

2. iSlow Coliving – Laxe, Galicia

iSlow is the first family-friendly coliving in Spain, located on the Costa de Morte.

This inspiring coliving place for digital nomads and remote workers to come and enjoy it with or without kids is situated in the small town of Laxe in rural Galicia.

This authentic coliving space for digital nomads and remote workers, perfect to come and enjoy with or without kids, is situated in the small town of Laxe in rural Galicia, in a traditional Galician farmhouse.

The place perfectly goes with iSlow’s philosophy of slow living, slow food, and supporting the local community.

3. Vivarium – Valencia

Vivarium is a centric coliving in Valencia for creative entrepreneurs, urban souls, artists, and others seeking connection and personal and professional growth.

Located in the very center of this vibrant Spanish city, Vivarium provides open space for people to express themselves and explore their life paths while enjoying what the city has to offer.

This coliving wants to show that deep connection can also happen in busy cities. It is a nest for thinkers to share their stories and create a network with other like-minded people.

4. Maraya Coliving – Candelaria, Tenerife North

Maraya is a coworking and coliving oasis in a small town called Candelaria, in the beautiful Tenerife North. It’s run by 5 friends, a cat, and their community of volunteers and can welcome up to 25 people.

Maraya is a perfect workation spot with countless areas to chill and work from. Their philosophy is based on creating a work-life balance and learning how to let yourself go when the work is done.

The hosts and volunteers are super chill and always excited to show you around the island, cook you their favorite recipes, and just welcome you into their vibrant community.

5. Cactus Coliving – Arona, Tenerife South

Cactus Coliving is a perfect place for digital nomads who want to explore the local culture and community while enjoying the remarkable nature of Tenerife South.

The operator of Cactus Coliving, Maria, is dedicated to activities and initiatives that support responsible tourism and the preservation of the local and natural treasures of the island, so while staying there, you will get a chance to give back and do a good deed.

Stay in a 200-year-old house with everything you need for life and work and get inspired by sustainable activities that help the island.

Fall Initiative 2022

This was the second initiative of the Coliving Spain 2022 edition.

For 2 months, from October to December, Travel & Tapas visited and collaborated with another two colivings on the Canaries – this time in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and Arrecife, in Lanzarote.

  • Project duration: 2 months
  • Places visited: 2
  • Colivers meet: 30+

6. Coliving 1907 – Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Coliving 1907 is a coliving in the heart of the old town of Las Palmas, the Canary Islands’ digital nomad center.

The name itself tells us a bit of its history, hinting at the year when this gorgeous antique house that is today a coliving was built.

By staying in Coliving 1907, you will enjoy a tranquil and family-like community and a vibrant city full of events and activities.

What is unique about this coliving, besides that it is a traditional Spanish house with a patio, is the fact that most events are open to the wider digital nomad community in the city, facilitating connections beyond the coliving and offering a deeper value to DNs of Las Palmas.

7. Pitaya Coliving – Arrecife, Lanzarote

Pitaya Coliving is the first coliving in Lanzarote. Located in its capital Arrecife, Pitaya is on a mission to show the world how unique Lanzarote is and how much it has to offer for digital nomads.

Having been a remote worker herself, the founder and the host, Laura carefully builds an ecosystem that supports productivity while working remotely from Lanzarote. She tends to give a solution for a healthier, more active, and more slow-paced life without having to leave your job.