Coliving Spain 2022: #7 Pitaya Coliving – Lanzarote’s first hub for Remote Workers & Digital Nomads

The last stop for our Coliving Spain project this year was Pitaya Coliving, the first coliving on the island of Lanzarote. It will be hard to leave this island and 25 degrees and immerse in the cold European weather, but staying here for a month was such a reward.

Pitaya is a young coliving, opened only in April this year and expanded in November. It’s a unique share-living experience with great people. We are so thankful that we were a part of its community in this period and experienced this unthinkable gorgeous island.

Lanzarote for digital nomads
Exploring the island with the Pitaya community

This is a remote work destination made for the soul, and Laura, Pitaya’s founder, and host is going above and beyond to showcase this and make the first ecosystem for remote workers in Lanzarote.

Read below our experience in Pitaya Coliving and book your stay to escape the cold winter days.

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Lanzarote – a digital nomad paradise

Even though all the Canaries are volcanic islands, Lanzarote is THE volcanic island in this group. If you’re into volcanic islands, Lanzarote is your destination.

It has one of the most unique landscapes in the world. With black stone and sand, multiple antique volcanos you can climb and hike; contrasts of typical white houses, crystal blue ocean, and bright green plants scattered around the island – it’s a movie-like scenery.

Remote work in Lanzarote
Lanzarote’s breathtaking landscape

The island is also the perfect size for a one-month stay because you can visit all the most notable things in a month and truly immerse in them. There are a lot of beaches to visit and some fascinating hikes to do. But also, driving up and down the island is an experience in itself. On your way, you will pass so many volcanoes that you will not be able to count them.

The scenery is completed with the unique and uniform architecture of the island, created by a famous local artist, Cesar Manrique. Because of him, most of the houses and buildings on the island are painted white, with green, blue, or brown windows and doors, and have no more than 2-3 floors.


The capital of Lanzarote is Arrecife, a charming little town in the middle coastal part of the island facing the African continent. Pitaya coliving is located here, in the capital – which is not only a great position but one of the places for a local experience and the most urban experience on the island.

Arrecife, Lanzarote
A look at Arrecife during low tide

Lanzarote is easy to visit from north to south with a car (only a 40-50 minute drive from one end to another) and because of its size, when you think about Pitaya Coliving, you don’t only think about the neighborhood, or the city of Arrecife, you connected it with the whole island because this is the experience you are receiving.

How to get to Pitaya Coliving

Reaching Pitaya Coliving is very easy. Coming from mainland Europe, Lanzarote is the closest island, so the flight is the shortest. Being the third biggest island (number of residents-vise), its capital has really good and frequent connections with many European cities.

In general, there are two ways to reach Arrecife – by ferry and by plane. If you’re coming from the mainland, that option is a plane, but if you’re already on another Canary island, you can either take a plane or a ferry. Either way, both the airport and the port are close, and Pitaya Coliving is easily reachable from them.

Ferry to Lanzarote

The port is located around 10 minutes by bus from the Arrecife. The thing that is a bit complicated is once you get off the ferry. The bus station is a bit further down, and there is no marked path, so you will have to ask around a few times. But on a 5-7 minute walk from the ferry, diagonal from the closest cafeteria, there is a bus stop. The bus is number 3, costs €1.40 and takes about 10 minutes.

When you get off the bus, Pitaya coliving is on a 10-minute walk, and you will find it very easily.

Plane to Lanzarote

If you’re coming directly from Europe or you opt for BinterCanarias to take you from one island to another, you will also arrive quickly and safely from the airport to the coliving.

The airport is around 12 minutes by car from the coliving. You can take a cab from there, which will cost around 10 euros. If you opt for the bus, it will take about 30-40 minutes. The bus is always €1.40 in the city.

The neighborhood

The neighborhood around coliving is one of the best locations in Arrecife. It’s close to the historical city center and all the monumental city experiences. It’s close to the city beach, the castle, the marina, plenty of bars and restaurants, three big supermarkets, and a shopping mall. It’s a small town with everything you need, lively and relaxing at the same time.

El Charco

Pitaya Coliving is in one of the most charming neighborhoods in Arrecife called El Charco. The name translates to The Puddle, but this is nothing like a puddle. El Charco (the neighborhood) is a promenade that goes along a beautiful city marina, a historical center of Arrecife, and one of the liveliest areas.

The best place stay in Lanzarote as a digital nomad
Pitaya’s Coliving’s neighborhood

The promenade is full of lovely local restaurants and bars, giving off a vibe between a fishing town and a family summer destination. 

The marina is full of these small local boats, with clear water, and beautiful to look at. That’s why bars in El Charco are very popular during the whole day and especially during the weekends. People, usually the locals, come here to have a drink, a snack, or a proper meal and relax watching the seagulls, herons, and pigeons enjoying the mesmerizing water.  

Walking here, you will find some other interesting things as well. First, you will notice these odd-looking boats made from tin plates. These are traditional boats from Lanzarote called Jolateros. Every day, there will also be a man in El Charco selling these small boats in all sorts of sizes, so you can buy them as a souvenir as well (as a keychain or a bit bigger).

Secondly, at the end of the marine, right on the edge of the city center, there is a display of a skeleton of a whale. This is truly a unique sighting (and a good orienteer).

El Charco also has other monuments here and there that showcase the history of the city, so make sure to have a look at them as well.

The city center and castle

In continuation to El Charco is the city center, a long street with shops and bars, that leads to the city castle – El Castillo de San Gabriel. The castle and the promenade around the castle are a great view to enjoy the ocean, the views, and all that wilderness inside the city. Cobble-stone boardwalk and antique bridge give a medieval feeling and can be a beautiful afternoon walk.

Beach in Arrecife
The beach next to the castle – only 7 minutes from the coliving

There is also a small beach next to the Castillo which is great for a quick swim during lunch hours. Walking down the street in front of the castle – another promenade – you will pass the cultural center of Arrecife, more bars and restaurants, and eventually come to the city beach (around 10-15 minutes walking from the coliving).

The coliving

Pitaya coliving is made of three apartments in one building, which occupies 2 and a half floors. Every apartment has 3 bedrooms – one double, one single, and one small single. 

Even though this setting might seem untypical at first, after a while it started reminding us of something. Here is the hint – multiple apartments, two across from each other, and a thigh group of people living in them, going from one another and having their best adult lives – what could that be!? Well, if you haven’t guessed so far, Pitaya Coliving has some serious Friends vibes.

Digital nomad community in Lanzarote
Pitaya Coliving brunch is on the table!

All three apartments have their functions and vibes and all are completely available for every coliver. It doesn’t matter which bathroom, kitchen, or table you use because it’s all for everybody. 

There are two apartments across from each other on the second floor, and one above – on the third, and the last, floor. The top floor, besides the three private rooms, also has a big coworking space.

The other two apartments both have a shared kitchen and until recently, they both had a small chill area and a dining area as well. However, during our stay, some of the layouts changed to make more fluidity between the spaces and divide them per category. 

This new layout helps the community gather and gives importance to each apartment. The whole setting gives a new value, but more importantly, it shows that Laura cares about the opinions of the colivers and is open to change and experimentation.

Apartment 4 (The Chill Zone)

Apartment number four was the first living area. In this apartment, the colivers would find their kitchen), a small dining area for 5-6 people, and a cozy chill nook with a sofa by the window. All the interior was designed to have a flowy and positive vibe, with lots of pastel colors scattered across the place, colorful but subtle paintings on the wall, and mismatched yet matching dining sets.

Back when Pitaya was made only of two apartments – the number 4 and number 6, having a kitchen and a dining area made sense. For only six people, it was a perfect little gathering area and there was just enough storage for everyone.

But, Laura knew she wanted a bigger space. She knew she wanted to make this story bigger and share it with more people, so, even with still juggling the novelties of being a recently opened coliving, she decided to go for one more apartment and expand Pitaya coliving to 9 rooms.

That’s how Apartment 3 came to life. Even though this apartment was meant to be something of a mirror version of apartment 4 – more rooms, one more kitchen, and one more common space, after a while, the layout changed a bit and both apartments got their unique purposes.

So, what does Apartment number 4 look like now? (After changes)

Today, apartment 4 still has a small kitchen that colivers often use for cooking. Having two kitchens right across from each other is great when two or three people want to cook at the same time. It’s also great for cooking family dinners. Often, we would just open the front doors of the apartments (because nobody lives above so nobody ever passes there except PItaya people) and have a clean passage from one kitchen to another.

Remote workers community in Lanzarote
Colivers enjoying the new chill area that they helped rearrange

So, the kitchen stayed, but the common space changed. Now, apartment 4 is a designated chill area for the whole coliving. It is the only place of all three apartments that has a sofa (two sofas, to be precise), poufs, coffee tables, and just the best setting for chilling, hanging out, playing the guitar, or playing board games. This is now the place to relax, share a conversation, or have a casual rainy afternoon snuggled in the chunky blanket by the window.

Every week, Laura brings something new to the place to make it even cozier and nicer for hanging out so it’s becoming a dream-like living room.

This setting is (as of the moment of writing this) only about 2 weeks old, but we have already had so many amazing hangouts together in this space. It seems like the space also facilitated more casual gatherings, so some people who seemed shy or were not involving themselves in the community that much have started joining since the new setup.

Apartment 3 (The Wine & Dine)

Apartment number three, the one right across from apartment 4 and its supposedly mirrored version, had also fallen under some change and is serving a unique purpose. Today, this apartment is the main kitchen and dining area for the whole coliving.

With the same kitchen as apartment four, just a bit bigger, with more storage, and two fridges instead of one, this is where most colivers prepare their food and eat.

Coliving in lanzarote
Weekly family dinner in Pitaya Coliving

Besides the kitchen, there is a big table that can seat up to 12 people, so it’s a perfect place for family dinners, gatherings with food and drinks, or other similar events. People love to eat or have coffee in a company so this is still one of the busiest areas. This is where the family dinners and breakfasts were happening even before it became a dining area, so it feels very natural to gather here.

During the day, outside breakfast and lunch hours, it also works like a chill working area because of the size of the table and the tranquility of the room. During the morning, people usually work from the coworking area where the environment is quieter and more focused, so if you’re more in the mood of sharing a bit of conversation while working and having a coffee, this can be a good spot. Apartment 4 also has those “lazy workday” moments for when you need to get off a chair but don’t want to stay in your bed.

Apartment 6 (The Coworking)

Lastly, coming up to Apartment 6 on the top floor, we are presented with a coworking area.

This apartment truly is the perfect spot for the office as it has the best view of all the apartments. Overlooking El Charco, this is the spot for some of the best sunsets on the island, and during the day, when you get tired of working, you can find a bit of peace in looking over the boats in the lagune.

Sunset in Lanzarote
Sunset from the coworking window – the perfect end of a workday

Also, when it comes to this apartment – it’s one with the most light in the rooms because of the sky that gives them the light through the inner patio.

But, let’s get real – the coworking in Pitaya Coliving is one of its selling points.

The Coworking

For this space to be suitable for remote workers, it had to have a reliable, functional, and inspiring workspace, and it’s safe to say it does.

The office has two areas. The main one, and the one where you come into, has three big desks put together with a total of 5 seats. Next to the desks, there is also a small fridge for all the goodies you would need during working hours like water, snacks, etc. The second area of the office is a space with four desks, of which two can be converted into standing desks.

Coworking in Lanzarote
A couple of productive colivers enjoying their work from Pitaya’s coworking space

The whole office is very bright and clean-looking. The pastel blue colors in the combination with white give you the tranquility to focus and be at peace while working.

Normally, this area is quiet and calm because everybody tries to be respectful towards others. That’s why for more casual or talkative work, colivers choose other places.

Besides the desks and comfy chairs, it’s important to say that the WIFI is very reliable and strong. Not only in the coworking, but generally throughout the house. Even if somebody notices a weaker connection, they only have to tell Laura about it and she will fix it.

Lastly, the coworking is used for the weekly planning sessions (Pitalendar), which we’ll cover a bit later, and any other session such as skill-sharing, story-telling, presentation – anything organized that’s a bit more structured and formal.


The community in Pitaya is what makes this place truly special.

The lifestyle

This island, and with it, this coliving, attracts a unique group of people. People who love adventure, uniqueness, and natural gems, socializing and exploring the unknown with others.

Most people who come to Pitaya like outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, climbing, swimming, etc. And, it’s no surprise. This island is perfect for the outdoorsy ones. With the landscape so unique and the terrain relatively flat with a few challenging hiking spots, Lanzarote is amazing for exploration.


Pitaya Coliving attracts people who match the vibe of the island – adventurous, but down calm and down-to-earth people who want to experience life in a community while working remotely.

Remote Workers

Besides having matching energies and the same taste for after-work activities, the community in Pitaya is also concentrated around remote work which makes the house productive and supportive. There are never awkward situations if somebody has to work because everyone has the same or similar experience. There is so much understanding going on, but, at the same time, motivation for working.

The mornings during the week are focused on coworking and people give each other all those benefits you have from coworkers. Seeing others’ work gives you a push as well and knowing you will hang out with them after work is the best motivation there is.

This is definitely because, when making the coliving, Laura started from the perspective of a remote worker and set the focus and environment for those who can remotely and want to do it in a supporting and adventurous place.

The host

At the center of the Pitaya experience is its host – Laura.

Laura is both an external part of the community and a manager of the coliving. Her energy is what buys everyone the moment they walk into the coliving. Always positive, always smiling, and very open-hearted, Laura is the host everyone would love to have.

Coliving and coworking community in Lanzarote
Pitaya hiking crew on their way to spend a Saturday exploring the island

Madrid-born, Laura completely fell for Lanzarote and moved here to live a more fulfilling life, but it was not enough for her to have this amazing experience and life only for herself. She was so eager to share it with others that she decided to open the perfect place that would invite remote workers to the island. She made it for like-minded people to her, the ones that share the same passion for the outdoors and active lifestyle, and show them how amazing Lanzarote is and how full and healing life on the island can be.

Since moving to Lanzarote, Laura is working so hard on being an advocate for the island, with the coliving, but also other initiatives like the Pitaya Festival in Lanzarote – a one-day event that merges all the localities and beauties of the island.

As a coliving host, she always comes with an open mind, ready to listen to feedback (good or bad), ready to work on the coliving, improve the offering, and make her guests want to come back. Because of her openness, the colivers here have more input and control of their environment which strengthens the community, and the relationship with the coliving, and, of course, boosts the feeling of being home.

Community organization

Having in mind the above, the community in Pitaya is made very organically. When there were only two apartments, the activities and the organization were completely organic. There are, of course, some things that are included in the Pitaya experience like weekly yoga and fresh weekly breakfast, but when it comes to activities, they were always organized by the people that stayed there.

However, when the group expanded, the approach had to be a bit more organized, so Laura introduced some things that would facilitate the experience. One of the things is the weekly planning session called the Pitalendar (Pitaya calendar 😀).

Coliving and coworking in Arrecife
Weekly planning session or – The Pitalendar

This is a weekly meeting of all the colivers and Laura to plan together the week ahead. In this session, everyone is welcome to give suggestions or wishes, and Laura is there to help with the local suggestions. It’s also the time to share feedback with Laura, to say if something is missing in the house, give suggestions for the improvement of the coliving, and so on.

The best thing about the organization of the coliving is the involvement the colivers have. For example, one coliver suggested introducing family dinners every week, and Laura immediately did it.

The same goes for the layout of the apartments. After spending time there, as a group, we suggested moving the furniture and making a different layout. Laura listened to us, gave it a thought, and the next week, we were all moving the furniture and experimenting together. It was a great bonding activity and a great way to connect with the coliving even more.


So, when it comes to activities, they are very organic, but they are encouraged. People love to share their passions with others and it’s a very open stage to do it.

During our stay, we held out typical SEO presentations, but we also participated in the Habit workshop and became a part of the Accountability group – another initiative from a coliver, Pierre (Challengers Community).

Events for digital nomads in Lanzarote
Workshop on how to build your habits in Pitaya

Other than that, weekends are the go-to activity days and often colivers organize to explore the island. Somebody would rent a car and we’d go altogether. We have seen so much of the island this way and Laura was always so great to give us routes and suggestions.

This organization, the community, the island, and the host make Pitaya Coliving a very special experience with a very bright future. For a young coliving, they have grown so much in the past few months and we’re super excited to see how they continue to grow.

We appreciate your support!

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