Here at Travel & Tapas, we are always on a mission to deliver our visitors the best insights about the topics we cover.

Either that be by providing them with the best sources for learning Spanish online, educating them about new trends in the coliving movement in Spain, or jumping into something completely new even for us.

That’s how we came up with the idea to start an interview section on our website. We figured out that would be the best way to provide our readers with even deeper insight into the topics we usually cover in our articles.

Coliving in Spain

The coliving lifestyle is not new to Spain. There are tens or even hundreds of coliving places all across the country waiting for you to discover them.

At Travel & Tapas, we try to support the true coliving movement, especially started by fellow freelancers and digital nomads.

That is why we are starting a new series, where we will be publishing interviews with owners of coliving accommodations all across Spain. We want to give enough space for every coliving so our audience can inspect them and get to know the story behind each of them.

Interviews with coliving operators in Spain