Sun and Co. – Embracing The New Chapter

Sun and Co. in 2024

Navigating the ever-evolving coliving landscape is integral to any transformative journey.

In the short history of coliving, few places have played as pivotal a role as Sun and Co., standing as a cornerstone in the industry’s narrative.

Last year, we explored the origins and the journey that led Sun and Co. to its current standing with Jon, the co-founder and former general manager.

Now, we’re excited to introduce you to the fresh faces (and some familiar ones) stepping into these renowned shoes, marking a new chapter for Sun and Co.

Join us in this exclusive interview as we unveil the dynamic personalities shaping the future of Sun and Co.

New Faces of Your Favourite Coliving

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

-John F. Kennedy

1. The new coliving season began with significant changes in the Sun and Co. management team. Could you share more about that transition?

Nana: You can surely say that the past season for us started with a bang!

During the first half of 2023, both Jon (general manager and co-founder) and Iva (local host and marketing and sales specialist) decided to pursue their careers elsewhere.

When it comes to Jon, you have to understand that he had been with Sun and Co. since the doors opened 8 years ago: his image and name have always been very much intertwined with the identity of Sun and Co., therefore it was clear that big challenges were on the way.

We decided to face this the best way we knew: took a deep breath, and after the initial shock (we won’t deny it!), we looked at the situation as an opportunity for change.

Sun and Co. has always been an inspiration for a lot of the colivers that crossed our doors, and we decided to practice what we preach – learn and grow together, as a community.

Social Activity at Sun and Co.
Vibrant connections and shared moments

Edu opened new positions to the world, and he leveraged the name of Sun and Co. to get in touch directly with some professionals in the field, including myself and Ana.

What was key at this stage was knowing that the structure of the team needed to be flexible in order to better fit the new personalities that would come in. Having the right team members is the key, tasks and responsibilities can always be adjusted and moved around.

It took a few months of interviews, talks, and brainstorms…but eventually a new team that could support Sun and Co. in this transition was put together and ready to start!

2. Can you introduce the new team members who joined Sun and Co. last fall?

Nana: The team right now is composed of three core members, supported by a young mind through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program.

Coliving Management Team
Ana, Fer, and Nana – The new management team brings innovation, passion, and a shared commitment to the Sun and Co. community.

Ana and Nana are the new additions that started in September 2023. Both have worked for several years in the coliving industry, supporting and developing the growth and well-being of different communities of nomads.

Ana had experience as a social media manager and joined the team as Head of Marketing and Community Pass. She is a mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainer and adores holding space for people to express themselves.

I (also Anna, but I go by Nana here!) have been extremely involved in community hosting and customer experience, testing the industry through direct experiences in different colivings throughout Europe. I am also a yoga teacher and I am an advocate of all the beauty that comes from being surrounded by a community.

What surely made the transition easier, was Fer! After being with Sun and Co. for two years as a local host, he stepped into the role of general manager, allowing a smoother transition and onboarding of the new team, as well as making sure that the core identity of Sun and Co. was maintained intact.

So if you have been with us before, not all faces are new!

3. Sun and Co. has a history of wonderful interactions with guests. How do you plan to maintain connections with guests who have fond memories of the original team and atmosphere?

Nana: As a new relationship builds with time – we trust that time will create new fond memories for our guests the same way it happened before.

Sun and Co. Community with Nana
Where every social activity becomes a cherished memory at Sun and Co.

Ana and I are directly involved in the community, from running our community meetings to participating in community dinners and activities when possible.

Our expertise and skillset have allowed us to review some of the processes that were in place since years and brought significant changes that we believe will help us in the long term to stay connected with the broader community and function better on the operational side.

Not to forget, our social media channels and newsletters are up and running, allowing us to showcase that the essence of Sun and Co. is still here.

We can sense the excitement of new beginnings, and we invite our community to come and meet the new team for themselves!

For the big nostalgics, we are proud to say that former team members will always be part of our family. The Slack community will allow us to keep these contacts alive, as people like Jon and Iva will also be invited to join us there; and for the people that want to stay longer, we invite them to check out the Community Pass.

Jon and Siena are active members in the Javea community, and it’s easy to stay in touch with them once you’re here for some time!

4. What positive changes or improvements can guests expect with the new management?

Nana: Let me start with Slack, a new addition launched in January 2024. It’s a very big change for Sun and Co., but as our community grows constantly, we felt the need to have a better way to stay connected with each other.

Experiences in other coliving places have confirmed that this communication tool is extremely effective: not only does it allow easy communication among all community members (current and past), but it also helps us in operations such as welcoming guests and sharing announcements.

Sun and Co. is known for a structured community-building approach, where the community takes the lead in organizing the weekly activities and where a special emphasis is put on professional and personal growth.

Community meeting in Coliving
Nana hosting one of Sun and Co.’s weekly community meetings

The new team brings in elements that allow to create a space where vulnerability, self-discovery and connections are welcomed and encouraged to a new level.

Ana has started hosting a bi-weekly sharing circle, inviting people to open up on different topics each time; while I have started offering a weekly yoga class whenever the group is interested, to bring in more awareness on the connections between body, mind, and breath. It feels to us that these events bring a more holistic approach to the transformative experience we always wished to provide to our guests.

Sharing circle in coliving in Spain
Ana, fostering connections and meaningful conversations in our community through a heartwarming sharing circle.

At the same time, Fer is more and more sharing his passion for gardening, local products, and cooking. Every Wednesday the community is invited to join him for a Garden Session!

Gardening, local products, and cooking
Fer, new Sun and Go.’s general manager shares his passion for gardening, local products, and cooking.

A lot more changes are on the way, big or small, and once again we invite everyone to follow us on social media, check our newsletter, and come to visit us – as, in general, the new energy of the team is something truly special and marks a new chapter.

What Future Brings for Sun and Co.

Change brings opportunity.

-Nido Qubein

5. What are the key goals and aspirations for Sun and Co. in the upcoming period?

Nana: Our main focus right now is to fully settle down with the new team. Re-establish good dynamics, ways of working, and explore each one’s interests and skills. As mentioned before, in this first year the team’s structure is a test so that we can learn and then leverage each one’s strengths.

Sun and Co. Management Team
Introducing the architects of the new chapter at Sun and Co. – the dedicated individuals behind the scenes

Besides that, we want to make sure that everyone that comes across our door feels welcomed and inspired to be their true self. A big focus is on facilitation and holding space, which we believe is the ABC of a healthy community and that should have our attention especially in such a moment of transition.

As a leader in the industry for years, Sun and Co. is facing one of the biggest challenges that any small business could go through: a complete change of the team. We are sure that we will succeed in this, and that Sun and Co.’s identity will be once again re-defined as a result of contributions from all sides of our community and team.

6. Can you share any upcoming events or initiatives that guests can look forward to in 2024?

Nana: We have just launched our third edition of the Basque Country Pop-Up, which we very much look forward to! There might be news coming up for our community later this year…but too early to say. So stay tuned!

We are also investing a lot of time in the growing community based in Jávea and all the people who decide to come to visit us for longer periods through the Community Pass.

For us, it’s a new and exciting experiment that brings a new perspective on the coliving industry. We are trying to understand how to accommodate the needs of a growing community, and a community that changes in needs and age.

Coliving Community in Javea
Sun and Co.’s Community

We are also working on submitting some Erasmus+ Projects that would allow us to open our doors to meaningful and impactful projects.

At last, we always seek for new collaborations that can bring to our community new insights, expertise, and growth from different sources. The collaboration with Travel & Tapas is one of those.

Overall, with a new team the energy and motivation to explore what this industry has to offer is high, and surely 2024 will be a year of exploration for all of us.

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