What’s our story?


Supporting the Coliving Movement in Spain

By the end of 2021, Travel & Tapas has explored different topics related to the digital nomad lifestyle.

With all our past experience as freelancers, our digital nomadism experience in Spain and Portugal, and with the global change in working culture, two main ideas stand out – coliving and coworking.

These ideas set the direction for Travel & Tapas to dive deeper into these topics, especially the coliving, in 2022.

In December 2021, Travel & Tapas starts to organize interviews with coliving owners in Spain to hear and share more about their stories, and in January 2022, the interviews set foot in a bigger project planned for Spring and Autumn of 2022.

In February 2022, Travel & Tapas begins the realization of a long-planned partnership project with coliving places across Spain – The Coliving Spain Project.

As a part of this project, during two initiatives (Spring & Fall) of Coliving Spain 2022, Travel & Tapas visited 7 coliving places in Spain and shared deeper insights into each one.

The first edition of the project had massive success and gave us much more insight into coliving. Because of that, we decided to continue doing it in 2023, by officially announcing the second edition of The Coliving Spain Project – Coliving Spain 2023!

Shifting the focus to the Digital Nomad lifestyle

Following the quarantine, in 2020, Travel & Tapas goes on a mission to help people stay in touch with Spain even if they cannot travel to it. That is when the spotlight comes to Learning Spanish Online, Cooking Spanish food at home, etc.

Besides that, Travel & Tapas carefully follows travel regulations and acts as a reliable source on traveling to Spain (during and after the pandemic), which also allows an inspiring long-term trip in 2020.

Inspired by the trip, a 3-month work & travel adventure, in 2020, Travel & Tapas dives into the world of digital nomadism. Now, the focus has shifted from students to young adults and freelancers who travel while working.

This experience also raises the idea of moving to Spain as a digital nomad and inspires Travel & Tapas to explore topics like living costs in Spain, traveling tips, etc.

Creating Travel & Tapas website

In 2019, the realization that the experiences gathered during the year of living in Spain had too much value not to be shared with the world inspires the creation of Travel & Tapas.

Travel & Tapas starts its journey as a collection of stories about Spain, a place where we paint a picture of how Spain really is.

The first phase of Travel & Tapas is set in the following year and into 2020. This phase is all about topics like Spanish customs and traditions (Tapas, Siesta, Ferias, and many more) (Link to all articles); International students in Spain, and tips on living in Spain as students.

The idea is to educate people about Spain and inspire young people to embark on a journey.

How the idea of Travel & Tapas was born

The base for Travel & Tapas is set back in 2017 when two Erasmus students from the same country met 2500 kilometers from their homes in a small city in Andalusia.

Jaén, Andalusia, Spain

These unexpected roommates found that they shared so much in common and started exploring Spain together.

During 2017/18, they explored Spain’s culture, customs, food & drinks, gathering experiences and insights that will later inspire their next step – Travel & Tapas.