Discovering San Sebastian de La Gomera with Cactus Coliving’s New House

Cactus Coliving in San Sebastian de La Gomera

We previously had the opportunity to interview Maria two years ago when she shared her original coliving experience in Arona, Tenerife. Following that, we were fortunate to experience it firsthand as part of the 1st edition of our project back in 2022.

Today, we are bringing you a new chapter of Maria’s journey as she opens a new Cactus Coliving experience on another Canary Island – La Gomera.

Cactcus Coliving Founder
Maria, the founder and visionary behind the Cactus Coliving brand

Join us as we jump into Maria’s decision-making process and discover why she believes San Sebastian is the perfect location for the second house of the Cactus Coliving brand.


Embracing a New Chapter

β€œMilestones make the targets achievable.”

-Harjeet Khanduja

1. Congratulations on the opening of your new coliving space in La Gomera! Could you share the inspiration behind this new venture?

Maria: The idea for our coliving space in La Gomera came about when my parents visited the island for a day trip on August 5th, 2023. They stumbled upon a charming old house that was managed as a hostel at that moment.

Coliving House in La Gomera
Enjoying the view from one of the rooms in the new Cactus house

It was about to be closed down by its current management, who were moving operations to another island. Knowing that many of our clients at Cactus Coliving Tenerife had shown interest in visiting La Gomera, and realizing the potential of the location, I went to check out the hostel and the surrounding area the following week.

Coliving Community in San Sebastian de La Gomera
The new Cactus House is located just a couple of minutes’ walk from San Sebastian city center

Falling in love with the house’s Canarian style (for those of you who know me, you know that I have a great weakness for Canarian architecture 😍) and its close proximity to the beach, just 5 min walk to a nice volcanic black sand beach, we decided to take the opportunity and make it happen.

2. Two years ago, we had an amazing time at your original coliving space in Arona (Tenerife). How has your experience with the original space influenced the design and concept of the new space in La Gomera?

Maria: Well, drawing from the knowledge I gained during my studies at Les Roches and my three years of operating Cactus Coliving Tenerife, I’ve learned a lot that has directly informed the design of Cactus Coliving La Gomera.

As you know, the heart of any coliving space is the kitchen. With this in mind, I dedicated significant effort to creating a spacious and well-equipped kitchen in our La Gomera location.

Common Space in Coliving in La Gomera
It is already a well-known fact that the kitchen can be a place where many interesting conversations happen between colivers

It features two cooking stations, two sinks, and ample storage to ensure that our guests have a comfortable and convenient culinary experience.

Another crucial aspect is fostering a sense of community. To facilitate this, we’ve brought on board Rebeca as our community manager for La Gomera.

Coliving Host in La Gomera
Meet Rebeca, the host of the new Cactus Coliving Space in La Gomera

She’ll be the main point of contact for guests, ensuring that everyone has the best possible workation experience on our beautiful island.

Given that many of our clients prioritize remote work from Monday to Friday, we’ve also designated a specific area for work.

Coworking in La Gomera
Colivers enjoying their work in the coworking space at the new Cactus House

Here, guests will find large tables, ergonomic chairs, and the option to rent monitors, among other amenities, to support their productivity during their stay.

3. What unique features or amenities can guests expect at your new location in La Gomera?

Maria: Our new location in La Gomera offers several unique features and amenities that promise an exceptional experience for our guests.

Firstly, we’re just a 5-minute walk away from a stunning black sand beach, providing easy access to leisure and relaxation by the sea.

Additionally, our coliving space is strategically situated in the heart of San Sebastian de La Gomera, offering guests convenient proximity to a variety of amenities such as restaurants, supermarkets, a farmers market, and beautiful parks, all within walking distance.

Daily Yoga in La Gomera
Cactus community members participating in one of the daily yoga sessions organized by Cactus volunteers

Moreover, our location is only a 10-minute walk from the port, making travel to and from Tenerife incredibly convenient. With a quick 45-minute boat trip, guests can easily access our coliving space from Tenerife, enhancing

4. You’re known for your commitment to the local community in Arona (Tenerife), from monthly cleanups to other initiatives. How do you plan to incorporate that into the guest experience at your new coliving space in San Sebastian (La Gomera)?

Maria: We keep our commitment to the local community into the colivers experience at our new coliving space in San Sebastian de La Gomera.

We offer workshops where colivers can learn about unique aspects of local culture, such as the traditional use of whistling as a language among locals.

Coliving Community in La Gomera
Cactus Community enjoying a healthy snack break between work sessions

Additionally, we’re partnering with local organizations for clean-up initiatives, providing colivers with opportunities to contribute to the island’s preservation.

We’re also hosting workshops on making mojo, a popular Canarian sauce, to give colivers a taste of local cuisine.

These activities aim to offer a meaningful connection to the community and culture of La Gomera during their stay.

5. Now that you have two spaces (the original one in Tenerife and the new one in La Gomera), do you see guests interacting between these locations? Is it common for guests to visit both, and is there any promotion for those interested in trying both spaces?

Maria: A good number of our colivers like the chance to visit both Tenerife and La Gomera. They know they can rely on Cactus Coliving for solid internet and a good place to work at either site. So, it’s pretty common for guests to move between the two during their stay.

Remote workers in La Gomera
Colivers being productive in one of the many dedicated workspaces in the new Cactus house

Plus, to encourage colivers to try out both places, we throw in an extra 5% discount for those who do.

What Future Brings for Cactus Coliving

β€œAlone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller

6. Now, with this significant milestone achieved, what are your hopes and ambitions for the future of Cactus Coliving, both in 2024 and beyond?

Maria: We’re committed to encouraging our colivers to make a positive social impact wherever they go.

Cactus Coliving in La Gomera
Cactus family celebrating the opening of the new Cactus location in the patio of the new house

Currently, we’re working on several projects, such as our charity Animal Month initiative, where we support a horse rescue to raise funds for more animals in need.

Additionally, we’ve recently partnered with the Canary Green organization to kickstart beach clean-ups in Tenerife for 2024.

Our goal is for each of our colivers to find ways to support our islands and local communities, contributing to a brighter future for the Canary Islands.

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