Pitaya Festival in Lanzarote – How it started, 1-year Anniversary, & Future Events

Pitaya Festival Lanzarote

In January 2023, Pitaya Festival in Lanzarote celebrated a 1-year anniversary, so this week we connected with one of the founders Laura Sanz, to share with us the story of Pitaya Festival, the beginnings, inspiration, and what we can expect from it in 2023.

Read below what Laura, one of the founders, said about Pitaya Festival and mark the dates for the upcoming events.

LauraPitaya Festival was born on a sunny Saturday in November 2021. We were chatting over brunch in a Yoga & Brunch experience we organized for a small group. All 5 founders were there. It was the right people, in the right place, at the right time. We were motivated by how well the experience went and started to brainstorm ideas on how to create a full-day experience event.

We then gathered together and through an ideation session led by one of the founders, we created Pitaya Festival.

The event was founded by 5 entrepreneur women living on the island of Lanzarote:

  • Lucía – innovation lead,
  • Tania – artisan and market guru,
  • Marilou – yoga teacher and designer,
  • Alba – yoga teacher and press manager, and
  • Laura – Coliving owner and community manager.

Today, the project is run by Marilou, Alba, and Laura.

Pitaya Festival Lanzarote Founders
Lucia, Laura, Tania, Alba & Marliou – Founders of Pitaya Fesival in Lanzarote

Our first event was a big success. Pitaya Festival was the first event of its kind created on the island of Lanzarote. The first edition took place on 4 December 2021. This was a time when people were eager to connect again, and so an event like Pitaya Festival was exactly what the island needed. Since then, we have done 9 festivals, celebrating our one-year anniversary last January.

The event takes place in Hotel Finca Rural La Florida, a hidden gem located in La Geria, the wine region of Lanzarote. We start the day with a yoga workshop led by two of our founders, where the participants immerse themselves in the practice, surrounded by palm trees and vines.

Group yoga session - Pitaya Festival Lanzarote
Group yoga session – Pitaya Festival Lanzarote

We then move to the hotel’s restaurant, where a vegetarian brunch is waiting for us, cooked with local ingredients.

Festival in Lanzarote Food
Vegetarian Brunch cooked with local ingredients – Pitaya Festival

While lunch is taking place, the artisans arrive to set up the stalls for the Artcraft Market. For each edition we have approximately 12 local brands coming to showcase their art.

Lanazrote Local Market
Local Market – Pitaya Festival

The event finishes with live music.

Mission behind Pitaya Fesival

Our mission is to showcase what Lanzarote has to offer:

  • Pulling together people alike. Creating a strong community of both locals and those who visit us temporarily, interested in health, gastronomy, art, and social relationships.
  • Being the place in Lanzarote where both new and established artisans can present their work. Enjoying full autonomy, the brands create their own experience at the market, while organizing mini-workshops to involve the customer in the creation process.

1-year Anniversary of Pitaya Festival

Last January we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Our aim for this edition was to show our gratitude, especially to all those who have been part of the Pitaya Festival since day 1.

We have been blessed with loads of love and support from the local community and they are our fuel to continue with the project. We offered many surprises such as a free salsa class, facilitated by the local school Ritmos Lanzarote.

Plans and schedules for 2023

We plan to continue offering the Pitaya Festival experience during this year 2023. We will organize one event per quarter, increasing our experience offering and involving more and more local agents.

Currently, we are defining and designing the next edition, which should take place in April / May.

In case you missed our Instagram Live Takeover with Laura Sanz (owner of  Pitaya Coliving and one of the founders of Pitaya Festival). You can find it below. 👇👇👇