Camiño Dos Faros – Exploring Galician Hiking Routes with iSlow Coliving

We spoke to Ines Silva, the founder of iSlow Coliving, the first family-friendly coliving in Galicia, about their plans for 2023. Since it opened in April 2022, iSlow was home to many families but also nature enthusiasts attracted by the unmeasurable beauties of Galicia.

Even though they had a great first year, they want to continue growing and supporting local Galicia even more. That’s why iSlow will offer a number of new experiences in 2023 and we’re super excited to see them!

Read below the program of one of those new experiences and discover what awaits you in iSlow this year.

iSlow Coliving, 2023 season

Ines: It’s going to be one year since we opened our doors in April 2022. This has been a year full of challenges, but also full of rewarding and fulfilling experiences for us as hosts as well as our community.

Hiking group Galicia
Group of iSlow hikers departing the house

During this 2023 season, we would like to use the experience we gained in 2022 to continue to focus on the family-centered approach to coliving.

This time adding specific packages that we hope will be of interest to the two main groups of colivers that make up our big coliving family:

  • Solo travelers
  • Families with kids

Focusing on the first group, we will be shortly launching our first pop-up coliving experience.

Hiking and Pop-up Coliving experience in Galicia

This is an all-inclusive hiking experience for 1 or 2 weeks from April-June 2023 with fellow digital nomads along the 8 stages of The Camiño Dos Faros, A Costa da Morte. The hidden gem of Galicia, Northern Spain.

Camino dos Faros hiking route
One of the iconic lighthouses along the hiking trail

The Camiño Dos Faros is a captivating hiking trail that passes all the iconic lighthouses and landmarks along A Costa da Morte in Northern Spain, a place where the sea holds a prominent role.

Who is this for?

This is a retreat-like experience for outdoor enthusiasts, avid hikers, and all those seeking to explore the wild coast of A Costa da Morte with a like-minded community of digital nomads.

Hiking trail Galicia
A stroll through the woods – you can almost smell it, can’t you?

Our participant’s profiles occupy a diverse range of individuals including frequent travelers, remote workers, and digital entrepreneurs.

What you’ll do

1) Hike Camino Dos Faros

You will have the opportunity to embark on an 8-stage hike along The Camiño dos Faros in the untouched coastal area of A Costa da Morte.

2) Experience coliving in Galicia

Your hiking adventure will be enriched with a community of fellow hiking enthusiasts and digital nomads.

Coliving and hiking in Galicia
Post-hike working in one of the coworking areas in iSlow

While you enjoy the outdoors, you will be able to immerse yourself in full-board accommodation at iSlow Coliving and spend time with like-minded individuals.

3) Get Some Work Done

During your stay, you will be able to combine relaxation with productive work, without leaving your job or clients unattended. To support this, we have provided you with:

  • 600 Mbps fiber optic internet connection;
  • WI-FI 6 technology all around the house;
  • Quiet Coworking rooms;
  • Video call rooms;
  • Bedrooms equipped with en-suite desks, chairs, and internet access.

4) Explore A Costa da Morte

Uncover the hidden gem of Galicia, its great food, slow and relaxed way of life, and untouched coastal landscapes.

Hiking spots in Galicia
Gorgeous Costa da Morte seen from one of the hiking routes stops

What is included?

    • Breakfasts
    • Picnic lunch on hike days (Cooked lunch on rest days)
    • Dinners
    • Yoga/stretching sessions for muscle recovery between hikes;
    • Laugh therapy;
    • Organized group visits;
    • Craft’s workshops;
    • Show cooking;


*Prices vary depending on the room type and the length of your stay. Check out the link for prices.

Package options:

  • Private room (en suite single room all for yourself) or Shared room (single bed shared room, 2–3 people)
  • Length of stay: first week, second week, or full 2-week experience

In case you missed our Instagram Live Takeover with Ines Silva (owner of iSlow Coliving). You can find it below. 👇👇👇