List of most unique activities that coliving places in Spain offer

List of unique coliving activities in Spain
List of unique coliving activities in Spain

The coliving movement definitely wouldn’t be so attractive to digital nomads and other visitors without all the activities that are included during your stay.

Activities, events, and hobbies are a usual feature of coliving places, and the same goes for coliving places in Spain. Some of the most common activities you can expect to find are daily yoga, surfing, Sunday BBQs, etc.

However, we wanted this list to be a little different. That’s why we did some digging in order to find some of the most unique activities that coliving places in Spain have to offer.

If you are still new to the coliving concept, we got you covered! Check out our main article on this topic and find out why Spain should be the first place for your coliving experience.

These are just some of the first unusual coliving activities we are including in this list. Don’t forget to come back once in a while and check for new entries!

We will try to update this list whenever we find something new and unusual since the coliving trend is booming all over Spain and new places are opening daily.

If you are not new and have some unique coliving activities in Spain on your mind that you think we should cover, feel free to send us an email. We would love to hear about them.

Until then – let’s dive in!

1) Rock Climbing (Roca Aguilera) – Coasis Coliving

We start our list with something that may sound a bit extreme for many people and something that will take you out of your comfort zone, and that is rock climbing. To be more specific climbing Roca Aguilera!

It is one of the numerous activities you can experience while staying at Coasis Coliving. Located in the port city of Tarragona, less than 100km from Barcelona, Coasis is one of many coliving places you can find in this area. On their website, you can find a dozen activities that you can expect to participate in if you choose to stay at their place.

We chose this activity among all the others because it is something that not many people can brag about they’ve done, and that’s why we think it is perfect for our list.

Roca Aguilera is a rocky mass where you will find many routes of varying difficulties.

But even though it sounds very demanding at first glance, this rock is actually not too difficult for beginners and is the perfect place to experience your first rock climbing adventure!

2) Wine workshops – Cactus Coliving

For the next place from this list, we need to travel almost 2500km south and almost leave our continent since it is located in one of the most popular areas for coliving in Spain, the Canary Islands.

The second on our list is Cactus Coliving and its very own wine cellar where wine-tasting workshops take place once a month.

The main idea behind this is mixing colivers with the locals to enrich their knowledge of local wines, culture, and customs.

The workshops take place in a historical underground water tank that was originally used to water vineyards and avocado trees hundreds of years ago.

Cactus Coliving very own wine cellar
Cactus Coliving’s very own wine cellar

Many years later, it got transformed into a winery where the Cactus Coliving owner María’s family kept their wine bottles. It is the ideal space for preserving wine, having a temperature between 13-17 degrees throughout the year.

Cactus Coliving has an ongoing collaboration with a local enologist so that colivers learn the different grape varieties in the Canary Islands vs. Mainland Spain.

During these workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to learn all about the production process, conservation, the evolution of Canary Island wines, and other interesting details on Canarian wines.

We promise that after this experience you will be able to consider yourself a true sommelier… or you can just use this opportunity to taste all the different types of local vines available on the islands 🙂

3) Vinyl listening session – Maraya Coliving

Don’t worry, this time we don’t have to travel a lot, actually we don’t even have to move from Tenerife.

Maraya Coliving is one of the newcomers when it comes to the coliving movement in Spain. Even though they have just recently opened their place for the public, they already have to offer many unusual activities that can be included on our list.

For that specific reason, we reached out to one of the owners, Ben, to help us with our selection and to choose one activity that he considers the most unique for their coliving place.

“I would say one of the most unique activities we offer at Maraya is a vinyl listening session. We usually do this once a week and encourage everyone to disconnect from their digital lives and embrace the analog world. It’s no phones and no distractions.”

Vinyl listening session
Vinyl listening session

“We pick an album, by physically flipping through our collection and all lay back and enjoy it. From start to finish, the musical journey as the artist intended.”

“After we discuss the experience and we have found that people are blown away by the meditative state they felt and parts of the song they’d never experienced before. Or new tracks they didn’t even know about.”

“It is also a great way to connect with each other, and an experience I really believe our guests remember long after they have left.”

4) Solfami Association – Weekly events organized by locals – Anceu Coliving

Our next activity is truly a unique and authentic experience, which many colivers who had the opportunity to stay at Anceu Coliving can confirm.

Anceu is a rural coliving place located in the small municipality of Ponte Caldelas in the province of Pontevedra, in Galicia, Spain. They offer many original local activities that represent the true living in Galicia, but one we think best suits this list is Solfami Association.

Solfami Association is an association created by locals of Anceu, Pontecaledalas, and other nearby villages that organizes weekly events with local artists. Sometimes, this is a live music concert, sometimes a theater show, or a humoristic play, and sometimes it will be a special cooking night or an interactive artistic event. 

Colivers and visitors of Anceu Coliving can enjoy these magical nights and use the opportunity to connect with the locals and feel like a part of their community. These events will share the knowledge on local food, music, language, folklore, and culture in general. This experience can help colivers to connect even more with the rural vibes of Anceu coliving and help them truly feel the rural life during their stay. 

If you are foody, we especially recommend attending these events! The organizers invite chefs and put a lot of thought into creating delicious local dishes, so it would all fall into a perfect experience. 

No event is the same, and colivers love coming back every week

This is just one of many things you can experience while staying at Anceu Coliving. If you would like to find out more about what it looks like to co-live in this rural place and discover the story behind it, feel free to read the interview we did with their owner Agustin.

5) A language exchange with a local impact – iSlow Coliving

This impactful activity differs from the others because it is not only meant for you but also for your kids.

iSlow Coliving is a new awesome family-friendly coliving in Galicia that wants to make an impactful change in its rural community, but also provide a safe nest for traveling parents and their kids.

The adult language exchange activities will help coliving parents connect with local parents, learn from one another, and share their language knowledge, and for the kids, it will provide a totally new community experience.

The idea is to connect the little colivers with the local children and participate in the guided language and culture exchange through games, songs, walks, and being in nature.

Family friendly coliving in Galicia
Kids enjoying a sunny day on one of the Laxe beaches

Growing up in a rural area can be very beneficial for children, but it can also put some limits on their access to the outside world. iSlow wants to bring the outside world to these kids’ doorstep. In return, the visiting children will be able to explore the amazing growing-up experience in rural Galicia and learn Spanish and Galician.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, so learning it can be as beneficial as learning English.

This activity will be flexibly organized to fit the group, the weather, and the occasion. For instance, in the summers, activity coordinators can take the children to the beach and have a fun and ocean-inspired language exchange. During rainy days, the kitchen area can become a classroom, and cooking and kitchen utensils are an inspiration.

iSlow chose this activity because of its multiple impact opportunities.

  • First, there is a huge space for making an impact in the local community. Providing the local children opportunities to meet and learn from foreigners at such a young age will help them develop new skills and gain confidence. The same goes for their parents who are eager to learn the language and explore other cultures.
  • Secondly, it will be beneficial for the visiting children to explore a new way of growing up, being a part of a small community with children of different ages, learning their language, and learning their games.
  • Third, parents will have the opportunity to take some time for themselves while the kids enjoy the guided activity.

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