Why are the Canary Islands one of the most popular places for coliving?

If the idea of living in a mesmerizing beachfront house and being surrounded by a bunch of like-minded people while having excellent infrastructure for digital nomads and remote workers excites you, then staying in one of the many colivings in the Canary Islands is the right thing to do.

In today’s era, where more and more people want to make the most of their time by following experiences that shape their mind and soul, a co-living in the Canary Islands checks all the marks.

If you are new to the co-living concept in Spain and you would like to learn more about it, we advise you to check out our main article about this topic, before continuing with this article! 👉

On the other hand, if you are already familiar with what co-living is, let’s find out why the Canary Islands are so popular for this type of living.

Let’s dive in!

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Why you should choose to be coliving in the Canary Islands

Coliving in the Canary Islands offers a magnitude of options to choose from since the islands evolved to provide the best of both worlds to the new work-life. With the significant influx of people from all walks of, especially digital nomads and remote workers, coliving Canary Islands is easier than ever.

The Canaries archipelago now offers high-speed internet, various nomad hubs, and easy access to the scenic beauty that warms up your soul after a long skype call!

Working remote at Canary Islands

The attractions for many colivings in the Canary Islands are the accessibility from the rest of the world. Cheap flights to and from the island make it one of the most sought-after options when it comes to choosing your remote workstation.

In addition, high-speed internet in the numerous coliving hubs throughout the islands became a norm that gave peace of mind for freelancers, expats, and digital nomads, in general, to be connected to the work seamlessly.

Another stellar point is that different islands provide different experiences! This is what drives coliving on the Canary Islands, so be it living with a flatmate from across the world or sharing the space with a local to witness the hospitality and deep-rooted culture. The islands have so much to offer in terms of life-long experiences.

So while you land at Tenerife and watch the active volcanoes from your workspace and live the slow-paced cozy environment, you can pack your bag the next week to head to cool off in the urban beaches of Gran Canaria!

Cost of living for your long-term stay in the Canary Islands

Now the question arises on the affordability for this next to paradise on earth. Hold your breath while we tell you that there are high chances of scoring a room with a view from just 465 Euros a month!

However, the cost of living largely depends on the hub’s location, type of residence, and what the place offers.

As a generic point of reference, let’s take a look at the costs of coliving Gran Canaria;

A single room in an apartment with beachfront living that accommodates up to 6 people will cost 850 Euro/ month with all utilities included. Whereas sharing a house in the countryside with mountain views and remote area sans the touristy bling will lower your costs to 460 Euro/ month.

Regardless of which option you opt for, rest assured coliving on the island will be an experience of a lifetime as it offers a rich experience encompassing everything under the sun.

A perspective on analyzing the price of coliving is to consider the holistic offerings from the coliving space. Therefore, while space may sound expensive, when it caters to being able to mingle with like-minded people, run the freelancing business without hiccups with 600Mbps internet speed, and offers picturesque beaches to end your day, the dollar spent makes it all worthwhile.

The modern world amenities with heavenly outdoors

Gone are the days when work had to be confined to a 4×6 windowless cubicle in a steel building where the only thing that was remotely natural was your little plant on the desk buried under piles of paperwork.

The perk of coliving in the Canary Islands is the spectrum of fun and finding like-minded people to have a platform for professional meet-ups and socializing.

Coworking community
Coworking community

The islands host freelancers, digital nomads, and expats from across the world; with the new normal where it’s easier than ever to pursue your career without compromising on fun and leisure, the Canaries have so much to offer for everyone.

What is it in for me as a freelancer?

Freelancers make the most due to their remote business, where the only requirement is to have a solid stream of internet availability and good infrastructure. Freelancer’s community is making a massive wave in the islands as many people choose to opt for coliving.

For instance perks of coliving in Tenerife is that you have an endless list of To-dos ranging from hiking to natural rock pools and cooking or enjoying authentic cuisine. All while managing your freelancing career without a break!

Living that digital nomad life

A great career and digital nomadism go hand in hand now. A growing number of people than ever before are plunging into the lives of being a digital nomad where they focus on creating their zen, all while focusing on the career that they feel passionate about.

Beach Playa de Caleta - Tenerife
Beach Playa de Caleta – Tenerife, Canary Islands

As employees realize that productivity is not essentially confined to the organization’s headquarters, they can now focus on being digital nomads with an increased focus on living life to the fullest.

These southern Spanish islands offer everything that you can think of while working remotely. Not only that, as there is a significant influx of people opting for the nomad lifestyle, the islands present great opportunities for them to socialize amongst their peers and feel a connection with people across the world.

Expats’ home away from home

Sea, sand, and surf have attracted lots of expats in the region. Primarily as entrepreneurs or those with passive incomes who are location-independent and grabbed the opportunity to enjoy the natural landscapes.

For you as an expat, the region offers so much from the tropical all-year-round weather to a close-knit expat community, with easy access to international flights; seeing family for holidays is never a problem!

Which island to pick for Canary Islands Coliving?

Picking the Canary Islands
Picking the Canary Islands

Now that you are sold on the idea of coliving in the Canary Islands, the million-dollar question is deciding which island to choose from. Amongst the most popular are Tenerife and Gran Canaria.


Coliving in Tenerife is easier than ever primarily because of cheap international flights, culturally diversified crowd, and natural landscapes to enjoy all year round. Tenerife provides everything one can ask for when it comes to opting for coliving.

With its coliving hubs specifically designed to suit the needs for spaces that focus on bringing tranquillity and quality of life that the people yearn for.

Tenerife is meant for those who are looking for outdoorsy, enthralling, and fun vibes and would love to be at the heart of the party as Tenerife alone attracts over 5 million tourists each year.

Needless to say, the nightlife and beach make the best combo after work hours.

If you think Tenerife has what you’re looking for, we recommend you check some of these awesome stays on the island.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria coliving hub is another popular option amongst those looking for the best options in the Canary Islands. It is called a continent in miniature due to the diversity of its landscape.

Gran Canaria Map
A continent in miniature – Map of the Gran Canaria

Digital nomads looking for serenity and zen opt for coliving in Gran Canaria due to the readily available options to pick up a spot that suits their mood at any given time.

Be it hiking, golden sand beaches, or immersing themselves in the island’s rich history, Gran Canaria has it all!

There are plenty of amazing coliving places in Gran Canaria, so be sure to explore your options.

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