Top 5 things to do in Malaga in 2022

Landscape of Malaga
Landscape view of Malaga city and cost

If you are searching for a perfect vacation, search no more – because we got you covered! We have created this fun list of the top 5 things to do in Malaga – this or any other year.

A long year is behind us, and I think we would all appreciate a bit of Malaga vibes to unwind.

And why Malaga? Well, do you love the beach? And how about the sea? Would you enjoy cold sparkling wine and delicious fresh food? Are you a party person that wants loads of options on a Saturday night? Yes?

Well, that is why Malaga!
Malaga has so much to offer. Being one of the most important Andalusian cities, having a bustling airport, and being one of the most popular summer resorts, this city offers numerous experiences to its tourists.

The city center has that wow effect. It starts with little squares and narrow streets full of people, cafes, and bars. All those make you think Oh! Okay, this is cozy and nice. But a few moments later, as you are walking the streets up and down, you bump into this beautiful enormous Larios street.

That revelation leaves you absolutely amazed! The width of the street and the number of people wandering it make you stand there speechless for a moment.

Besides that spectacular city center, Malaga has a lot more. It’s on the coastline, has a lot of green zones, and busy nightlife. But also, it is full of places to relax and chill out. So basically, it has something for everybody.

Areal view of Malaga
Areal view of Malaga

How to prepare for the trip?

There are loads of articles online on what Malaga’s most distinguished landmarks are, what is a MUST when you are visiting, and what not to miss. So, I won’t bother writing those.

The truth is, in 2017, Malaga was the first stop on my Erasmus journey, and I came to this city unprepared. When I think about it now, I don’t know why I didn’t check what to do or see in Malaga, but I just didn’t. But that created this adventurous atmosphere full of accidental discoveries. I didn’t know what to expect, and I got surprised by every step I took.

Knowing how much fun and amusing this was to me, this list I prepared will be flexible enough for you to find your own favorite places. I want you to feel the city by yourself. In the end, we are all different. That is why I hope you will find yourself in Malaga and get to know it in your personal flow.

Turn on the adventurous spirit

It is vital to find your own connection with the city to fall for it. For those reasons, I say – if you don’t like something from my list, but it seems like you should visit it: don’t.

Don’t bother and waste your time visiting places other people like. If you don’t like paintings then don’t go to Picasso’s museum. It is as simple as that.

You don’t have to go to a museum just because everybody else is doing it! Nor because every travel guide says you must do it. You don’t. If you feel like skipping and spending the day eating a kebab on the street – good for you. You get to see the real-life, am I right?

Great experiences lie on every corner. That is why you should always listen to your gut and go to whatever place you feel like going to. And if you happen to miss something big, never feel bad about it. Look at it as an opportunity to come back another time. But if you feel guilty only because somebody else did it – then just stop it. If you had a great time doing whatever you did, it was a good call!

So this is my travel philosophy, and this is a list of my suggestions for 2022! You have time to plan your trip ahead, and then when the time comes – relax and enjoy Malaga.

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Discovering Malaga – Touristic, informative and beautiful

If you want to explore Malaga and do something touristy, but you’d also enjoy a good walk through the city, Malaga has the perfect solution.

How does this sound to you – visiting a historical landmark, learning about Malaga’s history, and finishing the tour with a mesmerizing areal view of the city? If that sounds like something you would enjoy, here is my suggestion.

It is the famous Alcazaba and the Castle Gibralfaro. These places are perfect for hikers, walkers, viewers, and history lovers. If you want to make it about stories and history, you can enjoy the stories behind the castle and about the ones who sat on the throne.

You can stroll the antique Arab baths and imagine the old days while you read about them. If you are not so much into this and you are just a wanderer or a loner, you can get lost in the labyrinth of fountains, baths, gardens, and passages.

You can investigate the walls and the paths, corners, and the bushes. If you are a hiker and a nature lover, you will enjoy yourself. It is a long walk uphill to this castle, and it is a good exercise with lots of greenery.

Alcazaba and Castle Gibrafaro

If you are a viewer, a painter, a daydreamer, you will enjoy the 360 views of the city, the sea, the ships, the buildings, the rooftops, and the life going beneath your feet. It is a great place to get to know the city.

So, this trip can be whatever you make of it but prepare for lots of tourists around you. And try to explore some peaceful corners for you and your thoughts.

P.S. if your goal for this year is to be more active and learn more new things – this is the way!

Weekend Beach Festival – Young, wild and free

Anyone feeling young, wild, and free or anyone that likes the beach, the sea, and music, book your tickets to Torre Del Mar’s Weekend Beach Festival. On just a half an hour trip from Malaga center, this little place becomes the center of attention during the first week of July.

Despite my title, you don’t have to be crazy, young, or wild to find yourself here. The music at this festival is just for everyone; the beach is, well, like always, welcoming to all, and the atmosphere is whatever you make it.

Do you want to party all day long? No problem, just the place for that. You want to listen to one artist and then have a light dinner and go to bed by 10 PM? No probs, just find a place to stay a bit further from the festival.

Want to enjoy hot sand and cold waves all day and not be bothered by the music? Not to worry, the beach has its private corners.

Weekend Beach Festival in Malaga
Weekend Beach Festival in Torre del Mar, Malaga

I know festivals aren’t for everyone but let me tell you something: we slept exceptionally, 5-8 hours a night, we listened to just about 5-8 artists, we suntanned a lot, and the best experience – we ate like gods.

A closer look at Torre del Mar

Torre del Mar is a much-loved tourist place, so it has some super nice and tasty food with some super approachable prices. We walked a lot, swam, and enjoyed our regular vacation with occasional music listening and all that for just about 70 euros for a five-day stay.

For those who prefer to stay and party in Malaga city center, there are a ton of clubs to visit. Just put on some fancy look and go to the center, you will be invited to clubs on every step you take.

Spanish people love to party and the best days for it are Thursdays and Saturdays.

Streets of Malaga – Local, loud and amusing

Well, this one is super flexible! The only thing you have to do is to be in Malaga during some big football (soccer) game. And believe me that it is not that hard considering Spain is a football nation. Spanish people love to watch games together in bars and cafes.

One of the craziest experiences you can have is to find yourself inside this atmosphere. You can choose the game, the place, the crowd, whatever you like, but be prepared for some passionate cheering.

Even if you are not a fan of football (soccer), like me, you will enjoy their smiles, shouts, and positivity. They love their players and support their teams with positive and passionate cheering. They don’t hate the other team, just love their team so much, it will put a smile on your face.

The craziest atmosphere is in the city center in the pubs and tapas bars but, if you don’t like crowds maybe it’s better to wander off to the insides of the city where you could find local places with fewer people and enjoy the game with them.

They will welcome anybody who comes to support their team, so don’t worry if you enter a local place.

El Palo, Malaga – Traditional, costal and peaceful

Here is a suggestion for a peaceful and sea-inspired vacation vibe. You should sit on a bus and go to one of the villages in the Malaga region.

There are so many little places to visit for only 2-6 euros and 15-30 minutes bus ride from Malaga city center.

There are so many little places to visit for only 2-6 euros and 15-30 minutes bus ride from Malaga city center.

These places are heaven for a relaxed and private time. The beaches and food in these places are alluring. The food is super fresh and local, and restaurants are held by families or local fishermen. The beaches are raw and natural.

Traditional Andalusian food Espeto
Espeto – Traditional Food in El Palo, Malaga

If you like seafood, the best thing you can do is try Malaga’s famous espeto. Espeto is a snack made of six sardines on a skewer, grilled over coal right in beach sand. It is a delicacy.

If you prefer other types of seafood, these little villages are the best place to try it because of the local preparation style and a simple traditional touch to it.

So if you are a foody, or just want to get away from the city crowd, pack your things and find a perfect village for yourself. I bet you will be having a hard time leaving once you are there.

My personal choice is El Palo, but hey, we all have different tastes! Ask around, investigate, or just sit on a bus and get off when you see something you like. And, there you go – it will become your personal little paradise.

Airbnb yacht (Benalmadena) – Aquatic, different, and luxurious

If you feel like hanging by the sea and chilling, but you are bored with ordinary Airbnb-s, you can book a cabin on a yacht in the port of Benalmadena.

Yes, that is right. You can spend your entire vacation on a boat chilling, sunbathing, and enjoying the local yacht owner’s life. If you have never had a chance of something like that, it is a perfect opportunity. You will have all that you need: a living room, a bedroom, a toilet, a kitchen, and all the kitchen amenities that you need. You will have all that in a completely new setting.

Sleeping on a small yacht below the water surface is something different. It can be a bit frightening, but it is certainly amusing. You fall to sleep with waves splashing on your window and wake up to seagulls cruising the port for food. You hear boat sirens and listen to all that sailor talk you don’t understand.

Puerto Marina in Benalmadena
Puerto Marina in Benalmadena

The beach is super close to the port, and the best thing is that Thursdays, the restaurants lining the port open, and it becomes the nightlife center. Everything is white and sparkly; people are drinking wine, cocktails, laughing, and chilling. It feels like a huge luxurious boat party, and you are a part of it.

Of course, you can still visit the port and this luxurious nightlife center without actually sleeping on a boat. As much as fun it can be, we get that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

There are plenty of accommodation choices nearby that are more convenient, especially for longer stays. If you were hoping to find something like that, our friend Paulina wrote a great article on some of the best Airbnb’s in Malaga, so we recommend checking that out!

You see now why Malaga should be your top destination for 2022 and why you shouldn’t miss it! Try some of these 5 things to do in Malaga in 2022 and add your wishes to the list. For convenience, we are suggesting using the Get Your Guide platform for that.

Either way, you will find yourself having an adventure of a lifetime in no time!


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